This thing really needs a bit of a dust off! However, I plead exciting trains for the lapse in posts – I travelled halfway round the world on them this summer, and then moved house (and countries) on them too.

The last train took me to Luxembourg, where the air today is crisp and chill, just the right temperature to feels it on my cheeks when I walked to work. There are no squirrels yet to tell us how cold this winter will be, but based on this week, I won’t have been wrong to bring my thick winter clothes.

I appreciated it even more as an aid to waking me up today. I’m effectively working two almost full time jobs this week – one in the office and one in the theatre – so I’m lacking in rest time, compounded by my body-clock doing an auto-switch to theatre time. Great for being alert backstage, less great for poring over documents any time before lunch.

On the off chance that there’s anyone in Lux reading this – come see the show!

Thoroughly Modern Mille
Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th @ 6pm, Sunday 18th @ 5pm
Maison Syndicale, 31 avenue Gr, Duchess Charlotte, L-3441 Dudelange